21 Tamal Vista Boulevard Ste 125, Corte Madera, California 94925, United States

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Welcome to my practice.

Welcome to my practice.

Welcome to my practice.Welcome to my practice.


My Medical Practice

I am a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who provides individualized, psychological care to adults with a variety of mood and anxiety disorders or relationship problems.

Initial Consultation

After talking briefly by phone, we will set up an evaluation session.  There we can decide together what your best course of treatment will be.

Treatment Options

During your evaluation we will explore your needs and I will make recommendations about what kind of treatment I think will best serve you, including psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, medication or a combination of those.

Treatment arrangements



Sessions are 45-50 minutes and take place in my office.  It has a private waiting room and is located on the first floor in the Corte Madera Plaza building.  Frequency of sessions varies according to need.


Scheduling and Payment

Scheduling is handled by me directly. I also bill patients and accept payment directly.  I am not contracted with any insurance companies but provide statements to patients who wish to send them to their insurance carrier for "out of network" reimbursement.   



Your health information will remain private and can only be released if requested by you with written consent.   


Please contact me with any questions or to set up an evaluation.

Kathy Waller, MD

21 Tamal Vista Boulevard, Suite 125, Corte Madera, California 94925

(415) 990-1579


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